fuckin marvvelous

Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA.
You are currently 16 YEARS OLD, and are way too busy rehearsing for the next school play to give too much of a shit about your description.


He’s a theater junkie. And, while he’s quite good, he’s got a lot of room for improvement. As handy as critique is, it takes him a while to warm up to other’s advice, since he thinks he’s absolutely perfect as he is.

He plays violin and piano, though his favorite is the latter.

He sings, as is commonly needed by actors. There’s no contest about him being one of the best at school.

He’s left handed.

He owns a rabbit named Lupin.

He loves Harry Potter.

His favorite food is sushi, and he’s a bit of a coffee addict.

He really loves first-person shooter games, though not a lot of people know that.

Almost every relationship he’s had has ended badly. He’s also been cheated on.

He’s homosexual. Which, he’s fairly open about.

He’s not really sure what he feels towards his Sollux. It’s like one second he wants to punch his lights out and the next he just wants to pat his pii22’d off little cheeks and kiss him. Like hell he’d ever tell anyone that, and it’s definitely not like he expects the other’s feelings towards him to change. Besides, Sol has a boyfriend now, apparently. 

He can play female roles in plays just as good as male ones. He played Wendy in Peter Pan, once, for example. 

He hates talking about his father, or even the subject of parents in general. He never knew his mother, and his father is almost constantly out at bars or being drunk in his room, when he’s not working. Eridan really doesn’t like him, at all.